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From our ranch to your table

Welcome to Dunn Burgers!

Dunn Burgers started as an idea owners, Ben and Weston, kept talking about until Ben just went and filled out the application for a retail meat license. The retail meat license allows them to sell beef from both of their ranches directly to the consumer. 

Ben Murphy is a fourth-generation rancher in Dunn County. He received his MBA and played football at the University of North Dakota. Then he joined the U.S Navy. Eventually, home called and Murphy returned to his ranching roots. He ranches with his wife, Ashley, and two stepsons.

Weston Dvorak is a fifth-generation rancher from Dunn County. He and his wife, Teresa, both received their master's degrees in animal nutrition from North Dakota State University. They both worked off the ranch for several years, but are now back full-time. They added a feedlot enterprise to the ranch in 2005 and took over the entire ranch in 2017. They have four daughters.

Dunn Burgers, along with five other ranching entities, purchased a New Salem, ND processing facility now called 6 in 1 Meats. 6 in 1 Meats is a USDA inspected facility. This purchase allows Dunn Burgers control over the processing of the beef sold. 

Our families now have control of the beef we sell from conception all the way until the beef is packaged and delivered to YOU!

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